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Oh, wow — I’m so tired today!

There was a BIG thunderstorm last night, and those make me really nervous.  My big sister Mazi (I’ll tell you about her soon) kept barking and woke up the whole family.  She really bugs me when she does that.  Then I feel like I have to join her or else I’m not being a very good big sister dog.  Sigh.

The worst part was having to wait until the big rainstorm stopped so I could go outside and to go potty.  I thought my bladder was going to POP by the time the rain stopped!  I could have gone out earlier, but I just HATE to get wet.

I’m staying under my covers today, and I hope Mazi will leave us all alone.  I have GOT to catch up on my sleep!



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photo © ASMcClain

I am a wise and observant Chihuahua.  Nine years ago, when I was three years old, I came to live with my family.  Things have changed a lot since then.  The children have grown up and my parents have gotten older.  I guess you could say this Doggy Blog is a memoir…. it’s about my life so far, and about the things that go on around me.  As a Chihuahua, I don’t really like change, so I’m nervous most of the time.  But my family makes me feel better if I stay close to them.

Ruff-ruff, y’all!  I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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