like Pogo

This photo looks a little like Pogo

When I first came here (I think it was 2004), there was a black dog named Pogo. He was my big brother. He didn’t like me at first, but then he let me play with him. We used to have a great time teasing each other with a staring contest. Then we would spin in a circle and do it again.

He was such a boy dog — sometimes he just needed to run, so he would chase me around the house. But I was faster and smarter! He would start chasing me around the dining room table and after a couple of laps, I would just stand under the table and wait for him to realize that I had stopped. He was so clueless.

Pogo was very sweet to me and to my family. The only problem was that he had a nasty habit of peeing in the house, especially when he got older. Pee-yoo. Smelly.  (The truth is, sometimes I poop in the house — no dog is perfect).  My family was constantly cleaning up the corners of the rooms.  I don’t know WHY he thought THAT was such a great place to pee.

I’m getting a little sleepy now.  I’ll tell you more about Pogo sometime soon.